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My voice-over and post-production services have been utilised by clients around the world, with many of them being repeat clients…hopefully, you’ll be the same! I’ve also be a Jazz radio broadcaster, producer and spent 5-years as the editor-in-chief of the well-known JazzInEurope DM & Print Magazine. I’m a Big fan of Spoken word and all-things music.


PS: In the last two-years I have produced over 300+ podcast episodes, and counting…


Every audio project is unique, and time spent discussing those needs is my first priority...

I’m Nigel John Farmer an English male voice-over artist living on a very quiet hill, with my own well-equipped voice-over and post-production equipment, all coming under the name: VoiceWrapStudio. To keep your costs down I offer voice-over services where the price includes recording and editing of your audio in my professional studio. at very competitive voice-over rates.

I’ve been recording professional voice-overs for clients on four continents throughout the last twenty-two years. Adjusting and gaining vital knowledge and experience to better deliver a professional quality recording for you with Real Heart & Soul…

Voice-Over Examples:

Proven experience from ~ Nigel John Farmer @ Voice Wrap Studio ~ the quiet little hill-top studio!

My Voice Over Experience in reverse order includes:

Voice Over Talent – European, Canada, USA & Hawaii

2020 – 2022

Clio Muse Tours – Official English audio narration tours for historical sites and museums, incl.  – The great Temple of Amun-Re at Karnak: Egypt’s largest state temple. Museum of Byzantine Culture (European winner of museum of the year). Site of the famous painting “The Last Supper” Leonardo’s enigmatic masterpiece at the Milan’s famous Maria delle Grazie, amongst others.

Intro/Outro VO, show notes and post-production for topflight podcasts in USA – Music Matters with Darrell Craig Harris – The Dr. Jeffrey Roth’s Looking Good, Feeling Great Podcast. The Groove Coast, and online video/audio intros for the famous Moods Jazz Club in Zurich Switzerland.

2010 – 2018

Voiceovers for a commercial website building company operating out of Canada, USA & Hawaii. Voiceovers incl.: Canada Post, Deloitte & Touche Vancouver, Genworth Life Insurance Idaho, Blue Energy Canada Inc, ISSofBC, Attitude-Shift Co and more…

Provided voice over introduction and narrated e-learning CBT training known as “The Personal Growth Series” (Soft Skills employee training). English modules for a Commercial South Korean based ESL Academy. Narrated new staff welcome education video series for Canadian Immigration Services. Narrated The Master Key-System Online e-book series.

USA & European record labels. Jazz webzine and visual digital media, such as promotion of International Jazz B2B exhibitions. Interviews for JazzOrato Podcast Series. JazzRepublicRadio idents and adverts.

2000 – 2010

E-learning Voice Over Talent – Canada, South Korea & Australia

2000 – 2010

Early adoption of radio imaging for Internet radio station, the podcasting intro, visual digital media & record labels – Canada, USA & Europe Official 

Tools of the Trade

Nikos Zacharioudakis

“Nigel John Farmer is one of the best and more reliable Voice-Over Actors we have here at Clio Muse Tours. Not only does his luscious voice elevate the overall tour experience, but also creates such an ethereal mood that really sets the ideal atmosphere for a perfect self-guided tour adventure. Really proud to be working with Nigel John Farmer”

Darrell Craig Harris

“I’ve worked with Nigel John Farmer on a regular basis over the last 3 years. His voice-overs and consistent high-quality podcast post-production has taken our clients podcast from zero to 400K with a 4.9 out of 5 Star rating into the 1000s on Apple Music and other well-known platforms.”

Claudio Cappellari

Co-Director Moods Jazz Club Association, Zurich/Switzerland

“When we needed a clear mature, articulate and well-spoken English Jazz male voice over for our Jazz Club presentations we return to Nigel John Farmer on a regular basis”


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My voice-over and post-production services have been utilised by clients around the world, with many of them being repeat clients…hopefully, you’ll be the same!